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Golang Simple Job Queue With Redis Streams

Some time your may have a need to send emails,notifications or text messages to your users in the background. In a language like python this could be done using external libraries such as Celery.

How to Deploy golang (rest api) to production using Supervisor

In one of our previous article we saw how we can deploy a golang application using systemd. While systemd is good enough, Lately I have started using Supervisord to monitor and control my apps due to some few reason:

Golang Cannot unmarshal string into Go value of type int(solved)

Sometimes your client side application could send a valid integer as a string while your application expect an integer. This leads you to getting the error json: cannot unmarshal string into Go struct field Item.

How to Deploy golang to production Step by Step

If you want to use supervisor instead of systemd to deploy and monitor you application you can checkout this article. Golang is one of the best programming language to work with.

Part 5: Handling Migrations With Gorm in Go

This is the fifth tutorial in our series building a rest api in golang. In the last tutorial we learnt how one can define models using gorm.

Part 4: Using Gorm Orm To Define Our Models In Golang Rest Api

This is our fourth tutorial in our series building a rest api with golang.Make sure your have read our previous tutorial Planning Our Project.